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Our light and airy first floor salon provides a tranquil space away from the busting streets of Copenhagen, giving our clients the chance to recharge their batteries as well as their personal style.

For appointments please call - + 45 33 12 36 12

  1. • Complementary consultations
  2. • Cutting
  3. • Colouring
  4. • Treatment
  5. • Sound advice
  6. • Hair problems solved

We take great care to offer our clients haircuts that are suitable and modern, using techniques that highlight face shape, bone structure and lifestyle.

Our appointment times allow us one hour and fifteen minutes to achieve a great look and a style we are sure you will be happy with. We are confident that no matter what texture hair you have, the result will be suitable and achievable at home.

»Prices as of March 2019«


There is a wide range of colour prices, depending on the technique required. Colour is very personal so if it’s your first visit here, a full consultation is recommended. We always feel that colour should enhance your haircut, both of them working in harmony.

* Student discount is available on most of our services.

Skoubogade 2, 1st Floor, 1158 Copenhagen K, Denmark - tlf. + 45 33 12 36 12
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